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Because we know Pilsen and we are proud of it, we want to show all it offers to you and let you discover its beauty.  Therefore, we have created a unique geo-location game during which you will be looking for puzzles & opening locks.  So open Pilsen with us!

Team building events

Treasure Hunt is a fun activity that we know will never get boring.




1,5–3 h


Outdoor activity

Treasure Hunt is in other words an outdoor escape game. We may have different names for it but it is one and the same thing – a fun outdoor group activity.

At the beginning, each team gets boards with locks – the task is to go through all the historical places, find hidden QR codes and solve various tasks thanks to which the teams will be able to open all the locks one by one. As it is a team building activity, each team works together – the participants must cooperate on finding the location, solving the rebus and completing fun tasks. Treasure Hunt takes place in the center of Pilsen and sites are made up not only of its most beautiful and most important monuments, but also of forgotten places. The goal of the game is of course to win, which means to complete all the tasks and get to the finish first. But everyone can enjoy the game at their own pace and enjoy the beauty of Pilsen.

It should be noted that tablets and other IT conveniences will remain hidden in handbags and backpacks, because in order to really enjoy the game, you must see and perceive the world around you. All you need is one smart phone with a QR code reader in each team. Nothing more, we’ll do the rest for you. We will customize the game according to your requirements, set you into teams and explain everything on the spot. Throughout the game we will be on the phone as a support and after the game we evaluate everything and reward the best team.

Pilsen is a cultural and social center of West Bohemia. During the Treasure Hunt you will see Marie, Prokop and Bartoloměj, sing a Pilsen folk song or find out where they have the best beer and roast the best coffee. In addition, we can arrange for you a private tour of Pilsner Urquell, a theater performance, help with the selection of a hotel or conference rooms. Pilsen is a city of beer, but it offers much more and we will be happy to show you all of it. Contact us, we will be glad to find a way for you to enjoy your team building, congress or just a holiday stay in Pilsen.

For all who like to learn something new, solve puzzles, walk around the city and spend time actively .. You can conceive the game as a team building, but you can also enjoy it as a bachelor party, family celebration, or just for fun! Treasure Hunt is not just a game, it is a social matter.

We determine the price calculation individually. The price depends on the number of participants and the chosen length of the circuit. All you have to do is contact us and we will prepare an offer for you.


Do you want to test your knowledge of Pilsen and learn something new? Treat your colleagues, employees, customers or friends, and of course yourself, to an extraordinary experience. Do you want to make a reservation or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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How did previous participants like Treasure Hunt?

We attended Treasure Hunt along with our foreign colleagues and everyone was so thrilled. The program was prepared in two languages, the game is very exciting and fun. Even a person who has lived in Pilsen for a long time will discover many interesting things and no-one can be 100% sure that they will be able to finish the game. We had a blast during the meet up at the end of the game where our pictures and videos were presented. We can definitely recommend Treasure Hunt as a team building activity.

Andrea Hermová, EURO SOFTWARE

Thank you on behalf of the entire ACCEPT company for a wonderful pre-Christmas experience. We all really enjoyed the walk around Pilsen and we highly recommend it. Thanks to you, we discovered beautiful hidden places we had not even known existed. 🙂 We will definitely visit you again.

Veronika Zmeškalpvá, Accept

Thank you very much for an extraordinary experience! A beautiful walk in Pilsen, which you will see the way you have never seen before. Everyone can solve the tasks and everyone will also have fun completing them. In addition, everything is well organized and works perfectly. I can only recommend this activity!

HR team, Sony DADC CZ

Thank you very much for a great event. All was perfectly organized and we really enjoyed the game.

Adina Hrušková, CinemArt

The game combines movement, knowledge, healthy competition, and for the citizens of Pilsen, a surprising amount of novelties about the city they live in. A coffee or beer break is a matter of course. The weather is nothing to be worried about, whether it is hot or raining, the route took us to places of historical and contemporary Pilsen, where you can warm up in winter and cool down in summer. I highly recommend Treasure Hunt Pilsen for companies, schools, groups of friends who want to get to know the city in a fun way. The feedback from all colleagues was excellent and I am glad that I arranged for them one of the best teambuildings in their careers.

Václav Toncar, Raiffeisenbank

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